office worker to muscle showoff

shirt, tie, pants, muscles–all in one


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  1. nolo42003 says:

    you look so damn good

  2. Strength4evr says:

    Please keep showing it off – you are amazing!!

  3. brelfan says:

    Weird. In office clothes, he doesn’t look particlary muscled. Maybe a little plump. Okay, don’t think this is sexy. This isn’t for straight gals, is my guess. Nice looking guy but this modelling thing is disturbing.

  4. bizarro573 says:

    my fantasy
    ohh yeah!!

  5. exersizr says:

    you’re hot!

  6. youyong28 says:

    You are very hot and cool, I agree. You drive us gay men wild, but I bet you have more women than you know what to do with. Thanks for these videos.

  7. eparra says:

    More of this please.

  8. nolo42003 says:

    Wow… you are a very cool dude it seems… amazing body but it seems not a show off .. sexy , hot and cool… keep posting

  9. herobound says:

    OMG dude, too hot. seriously, how can i look like you??

  10. ddpewing says:

    The other muscle guys on YouTube can’t match your creativity or your overall attractiveness. I was disappointed when Absover40 was removed, and I’ve missed enjoying you. Cyberspace is weird, I know. Great to rediscover you. It’s inspiring to know that a really intelligent, emotionally healthy, genetically gifted man appreciates his body, finds pleasure in caressing and displaying it, and shares his gifts so generously. Very simply, thank you.

  11. Whitetiger46 says:


  12. yesimnosytoo says:

    Very sexy. It would be a perfect video if you had torn your white shirt. But this was still hot.

  13. mitch7951 says:

    You are amazing – the best thing on YouTube….

  14. jeansmoul501 says:

    beau mâle humm

  15. whocares24601 says:

    one of the hottest videos on here :)

  16. aboytoo85 says:

    @pecsover45, You could boss me around anytime!! great biceps & forearms!!

  17. absseeker says:

    so hot and sexy

  18. luvmsclstuds says:

    if i worked in your office i’d never get anything done :)

    you should flex in the dress shirt…bet those guns would rip the sleeves!

  19. B1ueGravey says:

    Congratulations – you get the promotion ;-P

  20. rijed says:

    take it all off…

  21. rijed says:


  22. tbjs says:

    And NO tattoos, GOOD MAN!

  23. 4URISONLY says:

    Wow, hot as ever! Your Lats and pecs seem to be growing :-)

  24. mscllvr63 says:

    So frickin hot!!!!

  25. iswoon says:

    Glad I don’t work in your office, I’d never get any work done! Your getting huge.

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